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Howdy from Hamilton, Ontario! - 2022 Seltos First Car!


Name's TJ. I'm 25 and live in Hamilton, Ontario. And I just got a 2022 Seltos SX Turbo!

With my office potentially opening up again at the end of September, I needed to get a vehicle that would be comfy for commuting to and from Toronto, about 160KM (99 miles), a couple times a week. I was at a Toyota Dealership and had a horrible experience as the guy just didn't care. After going to KIA and seeing/test driving the 2021 Seltos I fell in love with it!

It feels like I'm driving a slightly larger, but newer version of my mom's 2011 KIA Rondo, which is what I've been using to learn how to drive on. After the amazing drive and chatting with the dealership I put a deposit down and have a Neptune Blue Seltos on the way with my name on it. Now I just need to do my driving test!

Hoping to get some tips and tricks on the features from users who have had the car for longer. Excited to chat more!



New Member
Got Mine Yesterday. If you can figure out how to show MPG in Center of Driver's LCD let me know. All I get is Small One on the right side of display. 20210622_080233.jpg