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Kia Seltos name meaning

The company has defended the unusual name – a play on Hercules’ son, Celtos, from Greek mythology. The thinking behind the name is that it will imbue the vehicle with a sense of strength.

Car companies often change the name of vehicles to suit different markets but after seeking feedback from focus groups in Australia, Kia Australia’s general manager of product, Roland Rivero, indicated its bold new small SUV did not warrant a name change.

“It’s not proven to be offensive of any sort,” he told Australian media. “The meaning has been accepted, derived from Greek mythology, the son of Hercules.”

Rivero said the Seltos name fits in well with Kia’s current range.

“It’s a fairly neutral name and kind of makes sense as it follows the same nomenclature starting with S for our entire SUV range, so there’s a consistency.”

However, Kia freely admits Aussies are not in love with the new name.

“No-one is offended by it. No one is – should I say? – praising it highly either,” said Rivero.