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    Kia Seltos name meaning

    The name fits , since many folks refer to it as the “Mini-Me” of the Telluride...lol
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    Front License Plate

    Same here in Texas, dealer website stated that a plate bracket is added at no cost; the bracket seems to be screwing the plate to bumper. This seems to be the new normal.
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    Windshield Toll Pass Transponder

    I am wondering if anyone has had a problem with a toll transponder working with the windshield on the Seltos EX ; or if it needs to be placed somewhere other than below the mirror?
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    Tire pressure

    Just got it back from oil change at dealer and felt it was riding hard. Check tire pressure this morning 40 psi. Funny how the door sticker says 35 frt/33rear.
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    Welcome to the Kia Seltos Forum, please post an introduction

    Hi Tony from the Houston area. Picked up our Seltos EX in October and took it on it’s first road trip the following month. Love it !! It’s smaller than what I used to drive , but the handling is amazing.