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  1. ahstay

    Subwoofer install / sound system upgrade (Bose)

    I tap off the speaker wires to the original subwoofer at the side of the boot, feeding it to a Focal high low converter. Feeding power wire through the firewall is easy. I will attach a few photos soon. I personally did not bother too much about sound deadening. Its pretty good as it is in the...
  2. ahstay

    Hi All !! Need to install a subwoofer

    I took the line from the factory 'Bose' subwoofer. If you want to take the door card out its actually really easy but you don't have to unless you want to change the speakers. https://www.kiaseltos.org/threads/subwoofer-install-sound-system-upgrade-bose.69/
  3. ahstay

    Subwoofer install / sound system upgrade (Bose)

    I managed to make a subwoofer box out of a plastic bucket from an asian grocery shop that fit into the middle of spare tyre. Top it up with mdf. Cut out a hole at the bottom of the bucket for the spare tyre screw. Attached a round shallow container to cover up the hole at the bottom. A...